Cost Reduction

Increasing Operating Margin

Architectural Lighting is an industry that has a long way to go yet in design consolidation. Fixtures are typically made by designers and engineers with a wide variety of styles and skills resulting in products that can be difficult to manufacture, costly, and not easily modifiable. The labor-intensive processes in both designing modifications and also the procurement, manufacture, and assembly of the fixture itself eats into the margin that could reach the company's bottom-line from revenue-generating sales.

As an engineer pressed to reduce design time, reduce cost, and ensure reliable quality products shipped on-time I developed hardware changes to reduce the complexity of the pendant lighting systems by creating a system of universal modular parts and a smart part numbering system. Universal parts increases production volume which drives down part cost, reduces the number of variable parts in inventory, and simplifies assembly. A smart part numbering system enables employees at all levels of production to find parts intuitively.