Heat Exchanger - R&D, Design, Test, Deploy

Jet Impingement Technology Single Phase Heat Exchanger

A heat exchanger was needed to dissipate the thermal energy from a concentrated photovoltaic system. A review of power density, operating temperatures, and environment for system pointed towards an active cooling system that used a high heat-capacity fluid as the transfer medium. The technology that performed best for this application is jet-impingement heat transfer to increase the average convective coefficient. The overall design was accomplished using injection molding of UV and heat resistance glass-filled polymer to ensure high performance at low part cost.

With this design the heat can be quickly removed from the photovoltaic concentrator to prevent damage to photovoltaic cells. The heat is then dissipated over a larger surface area using standard forced convection.

The final design was tested and maintained operating temperatures necessary for safe operation of the photovoltaic concentration system even at peak loads.