3D Printing Capability and Capacity

Maker Capability and Capacity

When you have a lot of parts to design, it helps to have capacity to quickly build and test. That's why I maintain 3 fully networked FDM 3D printers.

The Type A Series 1 Pro has a 12x12x12 inch build volume, all metal hot end for high-temperature materials, a heated glass bed for improved adhesion and thermal stability, and up to a 0.15mm layer height resolution. I have upgraded the system with a radial nozzle cooling fan that is driven by a centrifugal blower.

The Printrbot Simple Metal has a 6x6x6 inch build volume, all metal hot end, and up to a 0.1mm layer height resolution. It doesn't print as quickly as the Type A, but it produces better surface finish and accuracy.

The Kossel Delta printer has a 7x7x8 inch build volue. Due to the delta kinematics setup it produces very high z jog speeds allowing for specialty printing patterns. Later I will be modifying it to produce a 6x6x12 inch build volume by shortening the connecting rods and using the printer specifically for long and slender printed parts.

If you'd like to inquire about some 3D printing jobs you can request them either directly through my contact information, or you can check out my services on MakeXYZ.