Pushing Limits

QA Tuning for Superior Print Quality

FDM 3D Printing requires special attention to parameters that instruct software on how specifically to melt and deposit material layer-by-layer for the best printable result. Working parameters are the result of analysis and testing to determine the best values for a particular machine's mechanical and thermal performance. In addition, there is some variability between machine and material composition that need to be taken into account for best default print settings.

I worked to develop test methods and carried out testing and analysis to systematically arrive at known best default parameters for several 3D printers for a 3D printing software platform. These results were tested on multiple machines in multiple locations to confirm positive printing results.

Shown here are some very challenging prints I was able to complete in 1/3rd the print time and at higher finished quality due to the finely tuned settings I honed in for the 3D printing software suite I was working with.