SCARA Robot Control

Node Goose software utilized as interface means to demonstrate application of low-cost industrial robots for product design. Image provided by Milan Vukicevic, University of South Wales.

SCARA Robot Control Using NodeJS and an AngularJS Browser UI

The advantage of a NodeJS server side robot control interface pairing with an AngularJS UI/UX front end framework is simple: one programming language that affords modular access to build advanced control and monitoring features on any mobile or desktop platform.

The system was deployed to interface with the Dobot SCARA Robotic Arm. The control server parses GCODE, generates command buffers that the robotic arm can interpret, and sends them over the serial port to the robot's microcontroller board.

I am hosting the project on GitHub, and you can see the source at: node-goose. Please contact me if you are interested in collaborating. If you'd like to learn more details about the ongoing project you can read about it on my blog.